Lower Interest Rates. How They Affect You

With interest rates falling to all time lows, this can benefit you as a seller. How? The lower payment now opens an opportunity for a new pool of homebuyers by creating an overall lower mortgage payment. This allows the buyer to increase their buying power for homes that were previously unattainable. 

When getting a pre-approval letter, make sure your lender has confirmed the buyer qualifies for your home specifically, including your property taxes and HOA fees. 

In addition, if you are considering home improvements for a future sale, this may be a great time to speak to a lender regarding a cash out refinance or a home equity line. For additional information please contact me.

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Safety Measures for your Home and Valuables When Selling

I am very protective of my home sellers and caution them when listing. While I have never had any issues, I also ask all of my sellers to be proactive protecting themselves.

You will have a multitude of people coming through your home. Buyers should always be accompanied by an agent. However, during an open house or showings, it can be difficult to have eyes on everyone. 

As a homeowner, keep in mind there will be families with small children coming through your home. To eliminate any issues 

  • collectibles, valuables and fragile items should be out of reach, as they can be very tempting to touch
  • medications should be securely put away and not easily visible
  • all jewelry should be put away and out of sight
  • personal documents, including business paperwork should be tucked away
  • dangerous weapons, large knives and guns should be taken out of the home

While all of these recommendations seem like common sense, it’s easy to overlook them since we all live very busy lives. I have personally seen all of these issues while touring homes with buyers. For additional information, please contact me.

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