Have You Ever Wondered What “As-is” Condition Means when Buying a Home?

“As-is” denotes that the seller is selling and the buyer is buying the home in whatever condition presently exists. The buyer is accepting the home “with all flaws” and is foregoing the opportunity to request seller make repairs or offer credits for issues with the property.

Under an “As-is” contract with an inspection contingency the buyer will have a time period to obtain inspections and decide whether he wants to move forward with the transaction. With an “As-is” home purchase, it is crucial that a buyer perform due diligence by doing all necessary home inspections. 

Also consider obtaining a Home Warranty for extra piece of mind.

Consult with your broker agent and attorney to determine what avenues are available in your state and under the terms of your contract. Additional questions? For a complimentary consultation, please contact me.

Additional questions? Please contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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