How to avoid sabotaging your home sale

Are you concerned about sabotaging the sale of your home? Read these tips below to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Overpricing a home is the most common mistake sellers make. Often times a seller will want to inflate the price to “price in” negotiating room or test the waters. This tactic often backfires and results in selling the competition. Buyers are very savvy and have a wealth of information at their fingertips and understand the value of homes. Overpricing can lead to longer days on the market as well as create a stigmatized home. 
  • Showing availability is crucial. While it may be inconvenient, not having the home available when there is a showing request will often result in the prospective buyer not making another attempt to view the property. Ideally a home seller should have the property “show ready” on a daily basis.
  • Going on the market before the home is ready. Don’t assume buyers will look past pending improvements. Your home should be a shiny penny when it hits the market. It’s truly in the sellers best interest to maximize the appeal of the home to expedite a quick sale for top dollar. 
  • Lacking flexibility while negotiating. Home sales contracts consist of many terms to be negotiated: sales price, closing date, mortgage & home sale/close contingency, personal property and home warranty to name a few. All parties want to feel good about the transaction. It’s best to stay flexible during negotiating. As a seller you may have to consider terns that weren’t expected.

Additional questions? For a complimentary consultation contact me.

Additional questions? For a complimentary consultation contact me.

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