Ask Terri: What do I do with my pets during a house showing?

Dear Terri:
Is it okay to leave my pets in the house during a showing?
Polly Petlover

Hi Polly,
While having your pets at home is always preferable for the home seller, it’s recommended to remove them during showings if possible.

I’ve experienced home showings with dogs in crates and many times the dog will bark continuously throughout the showing, which can be very distracting to prospective buyers. It can also be very stressful to your beloved pet who doesn’t understand why strangers are in their home. If your dog is crated, consider putting a note on crate not to pet the dog or put fingers in crate.

Regarding cats, as a listing agent I always encourage my clients to put notes on doors with instructions to keep exterior doors closed so the cat doesn’t escape!

Start by deep cleaning your home and repairing any pet damage prior to listing your home. Pet owners can be nose blind to odors, sprinkling baking soda on carpet prior to vacuuming can freshen carpet. During showings, pet beds, food bowls and toys should be put away.

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