Selling Your Home Within the Next Six Months? Follow These 10 Preparation Tips Today

Deciding to sell your house isn’t always an easy decision. Factor in things like school years, holidays, weather, etc. and you can find yourself waiting six months before putting your house on the market. Whatever the reason, you are in a perfect position to use this time to begin planning and preparing your house to sell.

I put together 10 tips that will help you get ready now so that your house will sell faster when you put it on the market.

Before you begin any sort of preparation, it’s a great idea to set an appointment with a Realtor in advance of listing your home. When I work with sellers in advance to prepare their home for listing, the results are outstanding, with most clients saying “Wish we did this a long time ago!”

10 Tips to Follow Now

  • Remove clutter. Now is the time to pack, donate or toss it
  • Deep clean showers and tubs. Remove old caulk and replace
  • Remove Wallpaper throughout the house
  • Take down valances, as well as dark, dated window treatments
  • Update and refresh the paint on your walls; preferably using neutral paint colors
  • Remove small furniture pieces from the rooms in order to accentuate the room’s size
  • Update dated light fixtures for a more modern look
  • If at all possible, refinish damaged hardwood
  • Remove small pieces of artwork and only put up large art pieces after painting
  • Check exterior for wood rot, damaged siding, loose fence posts, dead landscaping, top coating an asphalt driveway will give it a fresh appearance!

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Considering selling your house in the next six months? Follow these tips to begin preparing the house to sell.

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